Welcome a.k.a. Blog Post #1

I didn’t know the East Bay had bike messengers…

Say “Hello” to Pedal Express, the East Bay’s ONLY bicycle courier service since 1994. We love the challenges of the courier industry. Whether it’s a rush job in Downtown Oakland, delivering lunch for your entire office, or hauling 300 pounds of publications across town – You name it, we’ll move it.

We are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable and socially just business practices. We are dedicated to strengthening our local economy and creating quality jobs. We are collectively owned and operated – every rider you see on the street is a devoted partner invested in the company, our communities, and dedicated to getting your delivery done right.

This blog is an attempt to share our unique experiences with you and hopefully explain a little bit better what it is exactly bike messengers in the East Bay do on a daily basis.  Enjoy!


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